Berglass effect - reveal and tutorial?

Berglass effect is definitely one of the best card tricks ever created.

Imagine that you have a deck of cards on the table.

One spectator then freely names any card, second spectator says any number between 1 - 52.

Third spectator is then invited to count down that number and impossibly the card that was named by first spectator appears exactly on the spot! is website that obviously reveal card tricks.

I focus mainly on easy card tricks for beginners that anybody can do.

Berglass effect is a great card trick - but should it be really revealed publicly? Isn't this trick just too good to be revealed and create tutorial?

I know the method and I have performed Berglass effect many times - but I'm not sure if such secret should be shared.

Therefore I would like to know your opinion - should Berglass effect be revealed on this website?

Please vote in poll below! Also feel free to leave comment below the poll.

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Should Berglass effect be revealed?

I don't care! 10 22%

Total votes: 46

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