10 Best Card Tricks That You Can Learn Today!

Card tricks are so great – you can have just one deck of cards in your pocket and you can perform thousands of card miracles and amaze your friends and family!

But where you should start to learn them?

The best place to start is on this website where you can find more than 2.000 card tricks on all skill levels and from various creators!

It does not matter on what skill level you are or whether you search for easy, self-working, or advanced magic tricks – you can find them all here!

TOP 10 Card Tricks

Tutorial Video – Best card tricks

The video is showing you 10 Best magic tricks with cards + one cool bonus trick and the end so make sure you watch it from beginning to end!

We're sure you'll absolutely love all tricks in this video and you'll have a lot of fun practicing it!

The tutorial video above will show you TOP 10 Best card tricks that you can learn today.

Some card tricks in this video are very easy and can be performed by anybody, without extensive training; some tricks are on the intermediate level so that you will need to spend some time practicing them but we believe that the result is worth it!

How To Learn Card Tricks

Learning card tricks is the same as learning anything else – it requires time and dedication.

Of course, some tricks are very easy to perform but you should never underestimate the preparation, even if the trick seems to be easy – it's not only about how the trick is done step by step but also about the presentation!

Practice easy trick at least several times, be confident in what you do, and prepare how you will present it to spectators – prepare what you'll say during the performance and add your own personality!

Are you a funny guy who likes to joke and interact a lot with the people? Or do you want to be seen as a serious magician?

Always add your own personality in each trick and don't forget to practice practice and practice.

All tricks described below can be found in our video on the beginning of this page.

1. Deck vanish and Cards from mouth

This is the very first card trick that you'll learn from our video.

It's very fun to perform and also very surprising for spectators.

First, you need to learn how to vanish the deck and then how to produce it from your mouth.

This will require some practice; you need to learn how to do all the moves smoothly.

The best way how to learn this trick is in front of the mirror or you can ask a good friend to tell you if everything looked good.

Our tutorial video will show you everything you need step by step.

card tricks

2. Shake change

This is a very easy and effective card thick that creates the illusion of changing a card right in front of the eyes of the spectator!

It has always great reactions because of its very visual and also kind of minimalistic trick.

Only a few cards are needed to perform this and you can do we're sure that you'll learn it even if you're a beginner!

shake change

3. Card vanish and Production

If you have ever seen and magic performed on TV, you for sure know this trick very well!

Its classic in magic and must learn for any card magician!

Luckily, it's not so difficult to perform this trick, although it will require some practice – especially in front of the mirror.

card vanish trick

4. Multiple card production

Several cards appear out of nowhere right in front of the eyes of the shocked spectator!

Produce cards one by one, again and again!

Amazing card trick to learn and perform.

The tutorial will teach you everything you need to know and revealed the secret to you!

It will require some practice, we especially recommend to practice it in front of the mirror for best and fastest results.

Card trick production

5. Pen through finger penetration

WOW! This trick is so visual!

If you search for a card magic trick that is stunning and extremely visual, you should definitely not miss this one out!

In this trick, you penetrate a pen through your finger!

The best part is that you don't need and special gimmicks; you can perform this trick without any preparation, with regular playing card, and with a regular pen.

Pen through finger

6. Selected Card from Pocket

Imagine this – spectator selects any card from the deck (can be signed), the card is returned back into the deck that is then shuffled.

You the reach to your jacket pocket, take one card out... and its the card selected by spectator!

Another amazing trick that you can learn thanks to our tutorial video!

This one is a bit advanced as it will require you to control cards and then hide it in your palm and this will require good practice.

Our tutorial video will make your learning as easy as possible thanks to the clear step by step instructions.

Card from pocket

7. Four Ace Miracle

Do you like card tricks with four aces?

This one is quite stunning – the deck is shuffled clearly in front of the spectator...

Cards are then dealt in four piles and only of them contains all four aces!

Everything looks very clean and its also not very difficult to learn it.

It requires small preparation/setup so this trick is great to be used as an opening trick!

Four Aces card trick

8. Torn and Restored Card Tricks

Torn and restored card is a classic trick in magic.

There are several ways how to do this effect and some of them are quite difficult to perform.

The version we selected for our tutorial video is easy to perform; once you'll see this trick revealed, you'll instantly understand how its done you we're sure you'll be able to learn it in a very short time!

Torn and restored card trick

9. Catch Selected Card in the Air!

We're sure you'll love this trick!

It requires no setup so it can be done anytime, anywhere – and the effect is stunning!

Let the spectator select a card... return the card in the deck and then spring/dribble the cards...

Reach into the deck and catch the card selected by the spectator!

Sounds pretty cool, right? Do you want to learn it?

The tutorial video will reveal the secret to you so that you can learn it today!

Catch a card

10. Playing card through Thumb Penetration

This is one of the card tricks that will for sure WOW your spectators!

It's better to see it on your own eyes then describe it so make sure to check it out in our video.

Be sure that you'll find an explanation in this video too!

Card through thumb


Apart from 10 Best card tricks, you can find one more cool bonus trick at the end of our video.

Its secret trick so we will not describe what it is about, so make sure you check it out in our video at the beginning of this page!

Where to learn more card tricks?

If you're searching for more amazing card tricks, make sure to check out our website.

We provide you unique opportunity to learn more than 2.000 card tricks on all skill levels from beginner to advanced!

Card Tricks – Last words

We did our best to show you the best card tricks that you can learn today.

Our tutorial video contains an example of a presentation and then also a detailed step by step explanation.

Enjoy the tricks and have fun practicing them!