About this website

This website is designed for all beginners out there that want to learn easy card tricks.

Site is divided into few basic categories - easy tricks, self working tricks, intermediate tricks and gimmick tricks.

And not only that... I review playing cards and mobile apps for magic ;)

Main aim is to create great place with high number of great easy card tricks - I'm sure that if you're beginners, you'll find what you searched for! ;)

Easy tricks

Easy tricks are great for all beginners.

They often does not require alsmost any sleight of hand skills but you will be still able to perform very powerfull magic!

Self working tricks

Self working tricks are even better for beginners - in most cases you just need to follow few steps and magic is done!

But don't be discouridged - when the trick is self working, it doesn't mean that its not powerfull!

Intermediate card tricks

This tricks can be a little bit advanced but I still focus more on just basic easy tricks so there are not that many tricks at the moment.

Some intermediate tricks requires gimmicks - in that case you'll find them under gimmick card tricks.

All intermediate tricks can be found under this tag.

Gimmick card tricks

Sometimes you require something more then just deck of playing cards and sleight og hands to achieve desired effect.

In that case you often need a gimmick - luckily you will be able to create most of them on your own so there is nothing that should hold you back ;)

Playing card reviews

There are so many decks of playing cards our there and in most cases you would like to see more then trailer or few professional shots made by manufacturer.

Playing cards video reviews is a great way how to find more about playing cards before you buy them ;)

Mobile apps for magic

Mobile apps are something that might be whole new field in magic industry - everybody has a mobile phone so why not use it for magic?

I'll try to review some of the mobile apps for Android and give you my hones opinion about them.


Blog is another part of this website and its a good place to share my thought about magic or touch some other topics about YouTube or maybe also about me :)

Plans for future

Of course I have plans for future and plenty of ideas what could be added.

But for now, I'll just focus on content of current already existing categories :)

Hope you'll enjoy this site as much as I enjoy creating it for you ;)