What is gimmick in magic?

If you're new to magic, soon on later you will come across to one interesting word that is "gimmick."

I'm not from English speaking country but this word is commonly used here as well in relation to magic tricks.

I guess for native English speakers this word is no surprise but I remember that when I was starting with magic, I had no clue what gimmick is...


Although this article will be very short, I hope it will explain what this word means to begenners in magic.

Gimmick is actually any prop that you will use to make your magic trick possible.

It is something secret, something only magician is aware of and something that is hidden from spectators eyes (so such gimmicks can't be in more cases examined by spectator).

Here are some examples of gimmicks that are commonly used in magic:

  • double back card
  • blank card
  • double face card
  • double pip card
  • magnet
  • double sided tape
  • etc. - it really can be anything that will help you to accomplish the trick

And what are your favorite gimmicks and what do you think of gimmicks in general? - Feel free to comment below :)