After Hours Magic – Card Magic Tricks PDF book download – REVIEW

After Hours Magic is Book of Al Thatcher Card Magic written by Gordon Boyd.

This book contains 86 amazing card magic tricks that you can learn.

This eBook is available for downl oad for just $25 – that means that we're paying only $0.29 for one trick and that is amazing value for the money!

After Hours Magic – Card Magic Tricks PDF book

Who is Al Thatcher

Al Thatcher was born 28th November 1917 and he started to be interested in magic when he was 13 years old.
In March 1939 he joined the International Brotherhood of Magicians (IBM) and he was also president of Ring 7 Magic club in Columbus - he performed club style of magic with preference to card magic. He was considered to be "Card expert" at Ring 7.
He was close friend with another famous magician – Nick Trost – and many others. He was active in magic until he passed away in 2005.

About this book

After Hours Magic, a Book of Al Thatcher Card Magic has 176 pages with 73 card effects by Al Thatcher and an additional 13 bonus tricks from Tom Craven, Stephen Bargatze, Gary Plants, Mike Powers, Dan Block, Steve Beam, Del Copley, Wynn Mertz, Nick Trost, Robert Bengel, Evert Chapman, Gordon Boyd, and Richard Bartram Jr. – each contributed one trick to be incorporated into this book.
This book was updated and revised at March 2018.

Skill level – Intermediate to Advanced

This book is intended for intermediate and advanced magicians.
Beginner magicians can of course also benefit from this book but they will need to spend more time practicing card sleights needed in order to perform described card magic tricks.
The most difficult sleight we can find in this book is probably be an Overhand stock shuffle or the Elmsley Count.

List of techniques

Some of the tricks are using sleights like Australian deal, Biddle Count, bottom slip shuffle, breather crimp, Charlier shuffle, Cull place shuffle, double buckle, double undercut, Elmsley Count, false cut, false shuffle, gambler’s cop, half pass, halo cut, Hamman Count, Hindu shuffle, jog shuffle, overhand shuffle, pinky break, reverse Faro shuffle, riffle force, running overhand shuffle, spectator peek, straddle Faro shuffle, swing cut, swivel cut, thumb break, and top change.

Final thoughts

After Hours Magic by Al Thatcher is great eBook – it contains 86 card tricks, mostly on intermediate level.
All tricks and sleights are described in great details so its easy to understand the presentation and explanation as well – Al does great job in teaching.
Because it is eBook, you'll receive your copy immediately after purchase to your e-mail address.
For just $25 this is great book to have and learn from!
If you're interested, you can find this book HERE.