Card Magic: TOP 5 Places where you can learn card tricks for free!

If you're new to card magic, you for sure want to know where to learn card tricks.

Today we will show you TOP 5 Best free sources where you can learn card magic on all skill levels - easy, intermediate, advanced, impromptu tricks or mentalism and mind reading effects - you'll find it all in sources below!

1. Nadjib Haffaf

Nadjib is incredibly talented and versatile magician - on his YouTube channel he teaches one of the best card tricks you can find online and also much more - coin tricks, rope tricks, money magic, ring magic and also professional advanced magic tricks and very secret stage levitation tricks!

His teaching is easily understandable to anybody as he shows everything visually - without saying any words.

If you're looking for card magic, you can learn more than 100 incredible tricks on all skill levels from him!

His YouTube channel has also website NoWordsMagic where you can find all his card tricks on one place.

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2. Disturb reality

Disturb reality is YouTube channel that is around for many years.

It was built by Jarek 1:20 - very passionate magician who will teach you amazing card magic tricks and also show you how to manage your audience, how to be confident and he will also entertain you with street magic videos.

All videos from Disturb reality can be found on our website - just CLICK HERE and if you look specifically for card magic, you can find them HERE.

Card to mouth tutorial

3. 52Kards

52Kards was found at 2011 as free online source for all aspiring magicians.

You can learn more than 100 card sleights, amazing card tricks or just watch VLogs and playing card reviews.

The teaching is always clear, he goes thru all steps very slowly so that you can catch all small details of each trick or card sleight.

We believe this channel is best when it comes to learning card techniques like false shuffles, card controls or color changes.

You can find all videos from this channel on our website sorted into categories - just CLICK HERE.

Super simple card trick tutorial

4. Hester23BearsCH

This channel with a bit strange name is focusing mainly on teaching beginner friendly, intermediate card tricks and also card techniques.

Hester does a great job in teaching - his tutorials are always clear and easy to follow.

You can learn more than 200 card tricks and we recommend his channel as great source if you search mainly for easy card tricks for beginners.

All his videos can be found on our website - just CLICK HERE.

The Best Mentalism Card Trick

5. A Million Card Tricks

Despite his young age, Nathan from A Million Card Tricks channel does a great job in teaching card magic on all skill levels - it does not matter if you're beginner or advanced magician, you'll always find something interesting that will grab your attention and that you can use in your own magic performance!

We recommend this channel if you want to learn mainly intermediate / advanced card tricks - not many channels posted as many tricks on advanced level as Nathan did in past years.

He is also teaching advanced card techniques that you can use when creating your own effects.

His videos can be found all on one place on our website - just CLICK HERE.

Advanced card trick tutorial

Start learning today

As you can see there is plenty of places where you can start learning card magic from - all sources are free and ready to be used!
If you're beginner, don't forget to spend enough time with training each trick before you show them to real audience - be relaxed, confident and enjoy what you do - your audience will recognize it and enjoy it with you.
TIP: On our website you can find more than 2000 tutorials for incredible card magic tricks - just look around and start learning today!