Card Magic: TOP 5 Card Techniques you have to learn and how to do them

Card magic has several card techniques that you should learn if you're serious about card magic.

Today we will reveal TOP 5 Best Card techniques that you need to start learning today!

Some of the techniques are pretty basic and easy to learn, some of them will require some practice.

We recommend to learn this techniques as they are used in various card magic tricks – once you learn them, you'll be able to use them to create your own magic tricks and push your card magic on higher level.

Easy to follow tutorials

We selected TOP 5 Card techniques that you should learn for card magic – you'll learn the most useful sleights from best YouTube channels.
We found best clear step by step tutorials that you can easily follow and understand.

How to learn card sleights and card magic

We always recommend to take enough time to train each technique or card trick.
You need to train long enough till you're confident to perform each move or trick in front of real audience.
You might for example ask one of your good friends to give you feedback – just show him the techniques or tricks you trained and ask him for feedback.
Another great way is to train in front of the mirror, record yourself on camera or if possible use special training mirror that magicians use for training card magic tricks:

1. Double lift

Double lift is technique where magician turns over two cards as one making it seem as if only the top card is turned over – its one of the most common techniques used in card magic.
When the card is shown, audience is tricked into believing that they are shown the top card in the deck where in fact they are shown the second card.
The first publishing of the double lift is in Richard Neve's book "The Merry Companion" in 1776.
There is many ways how you can perform double lift – we selected two methods that you can start learning today. Other methods can be learned HERE.

Beginner double lift technique

Advanced double lift technique

This way of doing double lift is more advanced but it looks more natural.

2. Elmsley count

This move is sometimes called also "Ghost count."
It was invented by Alex Elmsley and its used to hide one or more cards in the deck while you count them openly in front of the audience.
With this technique you can hide up to 5 or 6 cards although it might be very difficult and challenging.
Easiest way how to use Elmsley count is for hiding one card.
Elmsley count is considered to be intermediate / advanced technique but you will master it if you practice enough.

Elmsley count tutorial

3. Card forcing

You simply need to learn at least few ways how to force a card to spectator.
Card forcing means that you'll force the spectator to choose a card that YOU want him to choose while he believes that the card he selected was selected freely.
Video below will teach you many ways how to force the cards – just use the techniques you like.

How to force cards

4. Card controlling

There are many ways how to control cards – it means that for example when the card is selected, inserted back into the deck and shuffled, you still know where the card is and you're able to position the card on place in the deck you want – for example on top or bottom of the deck.
Video below will teach 5 ways how card control can be done. Other card controls can be learned HERE.

How to control cards

False shuffles

Its always useful to know at least few ways how to shuffle cards in a way that the order of cards is not changed.
There is of course many techniques available and we have special section on our website where you can easily find all false shuffles and false cuts you can imagine – just CLICK HERE !
Tutorial below is example of effective false shuffle that you can learn with practice.

Up the Ladder False Card Shuffle

Want to learn more?

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Enjoy the learning!