MENTALISM: Where to start and how to LEARN IT FAST?

If you're wondering where to start learning mentalism, I'll share with you interesting online course that I recently came across.

Right on the beginning I'll tell you that this course is not free - it is sold for $4.95 (time limited offer) and that is absolutely incredible price for what you'll get!

So don't be discouraged by the fact that this couse is not free - its fantastic value for the money!

What is mentalism?

Mentalism is specific part of magic where magician - here called Mentalist - pretends to have super natural psychic abilities.
Mentalist typically creates illusion that he can predict the future, read mind of other people or demonstrates other extra sensory perception abilities.
Daren Brown - Mentalist

Where to learn mentalism

Now its the best time to speak about the online course I was mentioning on the beginning.

Its very comprehensive course for all aspiring mentalists that will teach you everything you need to know to become professional or hobby mentalist.

What you can learn in this course

I learn magic for many years - I was always interested in mentalism and I wanted to know more about it.
I purchased this course and here is what I've learned.

Mind reading

Learn how to create illusion of mind reading abilities.

Card tricks

Perform true mentalism miracles just with regular deck of playing cards!

Hypnosis and Hypnotism

Interested in hypnosis and hypnotism? This course covers this subject as well in great details.
The eBook contains special chapter on hypnosis but if this is really something that you're interested in, you'll have option to add more detailed Hypnosis course to your purchase during the check out process:

More content + bonuses

You'll also learn how to perform spoon bending, remote viewing, street magic or even levitation effects and much more.
In addition you'll get also fantastic free bonuses - eBook with over 500 card tricks, David Blaine exposed eBook and also 30 days free membership in mentalism coaching program with exclusive content that is delivered to you every month.

david blaine tutorialscard tricks revealed

If you want, you can also add additional content during check out process:

course addons

Is this course worth it?

I'm learning magic for more than 10 years - I purchased many books and also online courses and I have to say that this was one of the best purchases I ever made.
For only $4.95 you get amazing value and great free bonuses that you'll enjoy.
If you want to dive deeper into mentalism, this is best course you can possibly get!
Get your course HERE

Master Mentalism Course