Mind reading and telepathy: Is it possible and where to learn it?

Mind reading and telepathy is part of magic where magician - here called Mentalist - pretends to have super natural mind abilities.

Mentalist typically demonstrates skills like ability to read mind of other people, predict the future, hypnosis, telepathy, telekinesis or even spoon bending and levitation.

Good mentalist is always focusing on audience management because the magic happens mostly in minds of the spectators - he needs to build the tension and mysterious atmosphere.

Although all this might look realistic, we need to remember that its just magic performance and you're part of carefully prepared and well trained magic act.

Once we realize that all this is just illusion, we need to come into conclusion that its a skill that can be trained and developed.

Best part is that you can learn it as well - you just need to have the right source!

Where to learn Mind reading and Telepathy

There are many sources you can find online - in most cases you'll find eBooks that are widely available online and you can purchase them.
Disadvantage of these books might be the price - they are often pretty expensive and often does not deliver the value that is expected for higher price.
Today we will speak about very inexpensive online training that costs only $4.95 (time limited offer) and delivers incredible value for the money!
Master mentalism course

Who should be interested in this course

This course is suitable for anybody who wants to learn more about mentalism - I learned general magic for more than 10 years and I wanted to dive deeper into mentalism and mind reading.
I found and purchased this course and I was very positively surprised how much value I received for such cheap price - I previously bought many online magic courses - video trainings and eBooks - and I feel I never received better value before.

Master Mentalism - what you will learn

The main eBook has 269 pages and its divided into 6 main sections:
  • Mentalism, Mind reading & Psychological illusions
  • Interviews
  • David Copperfield secrets
  • Levitation
  • Card tricks
  • Hypnosis
Below just some examples of the eBook content:
chapter one
chapter three
The eBook is well written, the table of contents has hyper links to each section so orientation is fast and user friendly.
If you're interested in Hypnosis, you can add additional specific module to your purchase so that you can learn even more:


The main PDF is not everything you get - you'll receive also several bonuses like Encyclopedia of card tricks and also revealed magic of David Blaine.
card tricks
david blaine
Apart from that, you will also get 1 month of free access to Mentalism training and coaching centre.

Value for the money

As already mentioned on lines above, I learn magic for more than 10 years. During that time I purchased many tutorial DVD's, online courses and eBooks and I think this is easily the best purchase I have ever made.
You receive all this for just $4.95!

Additional content

Apart from this you can select specific add-ons during the check out process, depending on your interests:

Final thoughts

If you want to learn mind reading, telepathy, hypnosis and much more, this course if great choice.
You receive great value for the money and you can select additional content according to your preferences during the check out process.

Get your course HERE