New Websites For Magic Tricks!

Hello all,

you may know that this website is not my only website that is related to magic.

Actually, I have two more websites that I'd like to introduce to you today.

The first website is called and it's highly focused on Magic in general, Magic Tricks, Mind reading, and also Paranormal magic.
The website is divided into following main categories:
  • Magic
  • Magic Tricks
  • Mentalism
  • Paranormal Magic


Here in this section, you'll find the answers to the most frequent questions related to magic and magicians.
How to become a magician, how to make money with magic, what are the most popular magician sayings?
This is just a small example of questions that I try to answer in blog posts that you'll find on this site

Magic Tricks

This section is focused on tutorials for magic tricks.
Find step by step tutorials and the best magic tricks and learn them with ease!


Mentalism is my favorite area of magic.
I like to perform it and in this section, I'm answering the questions related to Mind Reading and Mentalism, and reveal some basic techniques.

Paranormal Magic

I like to explore also topics related to Paranormal magic, such as Witchcraft, Telekinesis, or Telepathy.
In these blog posts, I explain the background of these terms, that are often very interesting.

Website is a website that I build around the YouTube channel that is called Nadjib Haffaf.
Nadjib is incredibly talented magician from Alegria and his channel contains many tricks that are revealed step by step.
Why is this website called NoWordsMagic?
In most cases, Nadjib explains the tricks without saying any words!
What tricks you find there? - Almost any trick you can imagine, such as:
  • Card Magic Tricks
  • Coin Magic Tricks
  • Rope Magic Tricks
  • Levitation Magic Tricks
  • Money Magic Tricks
  • Stage Magic Tricks
  • ... and much more!


I hope that you'll enjoy these websites as much as I enjoyed creating them!
I believe that these sites will help you on your journey to becoming a better magician.