TOP 10: Best card magic tricks and how to do them – TUTORIALS!

Learn TOP 10 Best Card magic tricks and discover how to do them!

If you want to learn card magic, you'll be surprised how easy it is to jump in - you can learn thousands of card tricks online and for free.

Only on this website alone you can find tutorials for more than 2.000 card tricks!

Today we will focus on selection of  TOP 10 very best card tricks that you can learn - we'll reveal the secrets to you and our tutorial video will explain you step by step how you can perform each trick!

Learning card magic

Learning card magic is same as learning anything else - first, you need to learn basic principles and then you need to spend some time for training - make sure that you're confident with all techniques required to perform each trick.
Great idea might be to show the trick to some of your good friends who can then give you feedback and tell you what should be improved.
Another common technique is to practice in front of the mirror - there are also special mirrors like the one you can see below that are designed to be used when practicing card tricks.
practice mirror for magic tricks

Card tricks that you'll learn

Video below will teach you TOP 10 BEST Card tricks - you'll learn how to:
  • Produce cards out of the thin air
  • Produce cards out of your mouth
  • How to penetrate pen thru your finger - using playing cards
  • Change identity of playing cards
  • Transport selected card to your pocket
  • Torn and restored card trick
  • Control shuffled deck of cards so that you find four Aces
  • ... and much more!

Skill level

Card magic tricks you'll learn in this video are suitable for all skill levels so it does not matter if you're beginner or advanced card magician - this video will provide show you amazing tricks you can use in your own magic performance!
Our step by step tutorials will show you each trick and reveal the secrets to you - all you have to do is to follow along and practice!

TUTORIALS - TOP 10 Card magic tricks

Whats next?

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