Bicycle Archangels | Playing cards review

Bicycle Archangels is pretty interesting deck of playing cards.

Features nice, elegant and embossed tuck case and intricate design of Ace of Spades and back design.

Is this really a good choice for you?


This deck was inspired by fight between good and evil, day and night... and stuff like that :)

Tuck case

Nice white box, decently embossed, with customized Spade symbol in the center.

Back design shows back of actual cards - also slightly embossed.

I like this tuck case, its nice and elegant.

Design - front side

Most of the cards are completely standard, except from Ace of Spades that has same custom spade symbol that we have seen on the tuck case.

Design - back side

Again inspired by good and evil so one side is "evil" and one side is "good" :)

Black and white combination never fails and design is interesting and intricate as well.

Quality & handling

Made by USPCC this deck provides standard high manufacture quality and handles great.


  • Jokers are not identical since one is "guarantee" Joker with additional text that is pitty
  • Jokers shows person divided into two halfs - good and bad
  • Two advertisement cards in the deck, no extra card


Nice box, nice cards but I would maybe like to see even more customisation.

But overall great deck, I can recommend it.

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