Deck tries to mantain original Bicycle look and feel and adds something more to it - mystic and elegant feel.

Tuck case

White elegant case with big Bicycle logo on the top and customized spade symbol in the center.

Ghost playing cards written on the bottom of the case.

Back of the case shows back design of actual cards.

There is also white custom seal.

Design - front side

Front side retains traditional design, this time without almost any color.

The only color visible is the deep red on the hearts and diamonds - very elegant combination!

Design - back side

Back side again retains design of standard Bicycle cards, colors are of course different so it fits to overall deck design.

Black and white combination is... elegant? Did I already mentioned that this deck is elegant? :)

Quality & handling

Made by USPCC and with performance finish this deck provides high manufacture standard and handles great.


There is playing card reveal on Joker and on the box.


Very nice, clean and elegant deck that feels really good.

It will always have special place in my deck collection.

Score: 98%

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