Bicycle Robocycle - Designed in the future!

Bicycle Robocycle is interesting deck of cards that was designed in the future and that uses space age technology! :)

The deck features very nice, original and fresh design that I started to like a lot.

Lets see this cards in more details.


Deck was inpired by the future and mainly by robots.

We can see robots on all face cards and some technical design on tuck case and back side of each card.

Tuck case

Case is rather simple - no embossing, no gold foil etc.

Main color of this deck is grey so on first sight I thought that this is maybe too grey and that I would like to see more contrasting colors.

On the other hand, robots are in most cases grey so it makes somehow sense.

Design - front side

The most interesting customization was done on face cards - all Royalty cards were made over in robo theme and its really nice and interesting.

Other cards are standard but they substituted all back color with gray.

Design - back side

Back side also features some robo and technical elements - computer chips or computer mother board elements can be found here.

Quality & handling

This deck was made by USPCC and has air cushion finish so it provides standard high manufacture quality for nice and smooth handling.


In deck we receive blank gaff card that can be used for magic tricks.


Original and fresh design makes this deck suitable to any playing cards collection.

I don't think I would perform magic with this deck since face cards were highly customized so for magic I would prefer something more standard looking.

Otherewise great deck of cards!

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