Bicycle Steel deck - Inspired by Metal

Bicycle Steel deck is inspired by hard cold metal.

I have this deck from Kickstarter and it was created by Carditians.

I have to say that Carditians did not do good job in this kickstarter project - it took almost a year to deliver the deck and I had to contact them many times to get the deck.

I believe that if I would not contact them, I would never receive the deck.

This is why I will never order any other deck from Carditians (but will have no influence on rating of this deck).


Main theme of this deck is hard cold metal

Tuck case

Very dark and also quite nice but maybe too dark for some people.

Stell spade symbol on front side, customized pips from back side.

Design - front side

everything was customized and this deck, including face cards, number cards, pips and card background.

Customization is very original and you can really feel that this deck was inspired by metal.

Because the cards are so dark its not however possible to see all details.

Design - back side

Back side shows two spade symbols melting together.

Looks abstract and attractive - I like it!

Quality & handling

As most of decks, also this one was manufactured by USPCC so we can rely on traditional quality of Bicycle playing cards.


Two Jokers shows Japanese samurai with swords.

Jokers are not identical - one has more metallic feel, second is more colored into gold.

We receive also blank card and ad card.

Summary and rating

Nice deck to have in collection.

Comes with 100% customization that is attractive and original.

Some elements are maybe too dark but it is still one of my favourite decks.

Score: 87%

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