Bicycle Tattoo deck - playing cards for kids

Bicycle Tatoo deck is pretty old deck of cards.

I think this is focused mainly on kids that can appreciate crazy colorful design of this playing cards.

Lets take a closer look now!


Theme? Crazyness? :)

Its a mix of several themes - maybe it should show you what you can possibly tattoo on you body :)

Tuck case

Dark and colorful at same time.

Skull, flowers, flames, ornaments and much more can be found on this case :)

Design - front side

The cards are black and the suits of bright colors: yellow, green, blue and fuchsia.

Design - back side

Back desing is again mix of several themes, including skull, blue venom, flames etc.

Quality & handling

Made by USPCC it should provide excellent quality of handling.

I have to say that this cards clump more then others so be prepared for that.


Card box allows prediction of two cards.


This deck is probably made for younger generation than I am.

For me, this is too crazy, I prefer simple and elegant design so for me this is not a good choice.

So the rating depends on your personal preference.

Score: 51%

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