Bicycle Tragic Royalty | Playing cards review

Bicycle Tragic Royalty is interesting deck of playing cards that has one really interesting and unique feature built in - this deck can glow under the black light!

Although this feature is quite cool, it has some handling issues - cards are kind of sticky and its very difficult to handle them as you would expect from normal deck of Bicycle playing cards.

Will you sacrifice the handling for glowing feature?


There of this deck is Tragic Royalty.

What I mean by that is... well.. just look at members of royalty family!

They look either scared, sad or.. I don't know.. like something really bad happened to them!

Tuck case

Red and gray color combination on the tuck case is pretty fine, but the case is rather standard - there is no embossing or custome seal or anything like this.

For some reason most texts are translated to French as well.

Design - front side

Front side is gray, with custom pips, fonts, and royalty cards.

As mentioned already, characters on royalty cards look really devastated.

Royalty cards glow under the black light (for reference to sample please see video below).

Design - back side

Back side has same pattern as classic Bicycle cards with custom color combination - red parts really pops out.

Some parts of back glows under the black light.

Quality & handling

This is main pain point of this deck.

It handles terribly compared to other Bicycle decks.

Cards are sticky and its not possible to make nice fan with them.

Its caused most probably due to implementation of the glowing feature.


Nothing other specials that would be worth mentioning.


Interesting glow feature caused that this deck is one of the worst handling deck.

It depends on you if you will sacrifice handling for glowing feature.

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