Bicycle Venom Strike deck

Bicycle Venom Strike is deck of customized playing cards.

The custom design includes tuck case, card backs and face cards.

Are you affraid of snake attack?

If yes then please DO NOT continue reading this review!


Main theme of this deck are snakes / venoms and it was incorporated into card design really well, especially on face cards which I like a lot.

Tuck case

Tuck case is dark, with well known Bicycle logo in the front side where we can see also spade pip with a snake inside.

Back of the case shows back design of actual cards.

From the box we can read that there is Air Cushion finish used on this deck.

Otherwise there is nothing else worth mentioning.

Design - front side

Number cards are completely standard but face cards were customized really nicely, incorporating the venom theme.

Ace of Spades is not surprising as we have seen exact same image on the box already. Other Aces are standard.

Pair of identical Jokers shows screaming Medusa with snakes instead of hair - I like this design a lot.

Design - back side

The back design was customized as well but I don't like it much - its so dark and blurry that you can not see all the elements.

Quality & handling

As most of decks, also this one was manufactured by USPCC so we can rely on traditional quality of Bicycle playing cards.


With this deck we receive two double back cards - one in design of Venom strike deck and one in combined design of Venom strike deck and Venom deck.

Summary and rating

Although I like the theme and the way it was used in this deck and despite I like the Jokers and original design of face cards, I can't give this deck high overall rating.

Reason is that the back design is too dark and blurry so its not possible to recognize all the details and overall the back design is big weak point of this deck - at least in my eyes.

Score: 69%

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