Bicycle Warrior horse

Bicycle Warrior horse is deck of card inspired by Chinese calendar and year of Horse.

This cards were make to celebrate this year.

Main characteristic of this deck would be classic design combined with custom back and tuck case.

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Chinese calendar and its year of Horse (year 2014)

Tuck case

Front side of tuck case shows head of Warrior Horse covered by armor.

Other aspects are pretty standard, this time in black - brown - gold color combinations.

Back side contain summary of characteristic for people born in year of Horse.

Design - front side

Standard faces, standard look - nothing much to describe here.

Face cards are having its original color combination to fit overall design of the deck.

Design - back side

One way back design shows big colored head of Warrior Horse with gold borders.

Quality & handling

Made by USPCC and having Air Cushion finish, this cards are having very good quality.


Just standard Jokers - one is red and one is black. I think they could made some custom Jokers for this deck.

No extra gaff card, like double back card, included.


Nice deck of cards, good quality.

On the other hand, its standard deck and with standard Ace of Spades and no gaff cards it does not stand out in my collection.

Therefore I'm giving this deck rather average rating.

Score: 71%

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