Contraband Playing cards - Join Secret society

Contraband playing cards were inspired by secret societies and conspiracy theories.

Designed in UK and made in USA :)

How well this collaboration worked out?


Deck was inspired by conspiracy theories and secret societies that maybe influences everything we do on this planet :)

Tuck case

Very detailed, highly embossed and gold foiled.

Theory 11 proves again that they can make great tuck cases!

Design - front side

Front side looks really great.

Despite the customization that was done on face cards, pips and number, it still retains the classic feel and I like it very much.

Design - back side

Back design is pretty, intricate and detailed.

There is so much details in this deck that you will find a new one every time you open the box... or at least this is what they say... and I tend to agree with that :)

Quality & handling

I would say it provides standard, high level quality as the other decks made by USPCC.


In the box we find double back gaff card, ad card and two Jokers.


Simply great deck - nice look, high quality, pleasing customization that retains classic feel, great box and a lot of details everywhere your eyes can see.

Score: 97%

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