Copag Contennial

Contennial Playing cards from Copag were made to celebrate 100 years of Copag Playing cards Company.

This highly customized deck of plastic playing cards comes in two versions - in wooden or in metalic box.

Wooden version is much more expensive but cards itself are identical.

Lets look if this cards are woth it.


No particular theme here.

Tuck case

In my version I got metalic box.

Box is not very original but it seems to be in good quality.

Design - front side

Set of lines mirrored from top to bottom and from left to right - really interesting.

This lines combined together are making really original pictures of face cards.

Other cards were customizes as well - hurray!

Design - back side

Abstract one way back design with Copag branding.

It would be maybe better without Copag logo but on the other hand this cards were made to celebrate Copag so no wonder they want the logo to be visible.

Quality & handling

Very good - better then most of plastic playing cards in my collection.

Feels really good in hands but of course they can not math Bicycle cards due to missing card finish.

Summary and rating

Cards or not suitable for magic or playing poker so its more suitable for collectors.

Original cards in high quality - thats why I give it high ranking.

Score: 91%

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