Doomsday deck | Playing cards review

Doomsday is interesting deck of playing cards that is inpired by old Maya "Doomsday" Calendar and prediction that said that in 2012 the world as we know it today, will be destroyed.

We know today that this prediction was luckily not correct so we are still here and we can therefore also review this deck :)

Lets enjoy our world and lets look at this deck in more details.


Theme is very clear here - deck was inspired by old Mayan prediction that our world will be destroyed 12/12/2012 - we're luckily still here!

Tuck case

Tuck case is pretty nice, full of Mayan symbols.

This is apparent not only from the front side of the case where we can see big circle shape symbol, but also the back sice here we can see back side of actual cards that is full of symbols too.

We can notice also Red seal on the top.

Design - front side

Front sice is unfortunatelly standard, only with customized Ace of Spades with flowerish skull in the center of Spade pip.

Design - back side

Back design is quite intricate.

It includes number of Mayan symbols, skulls and much more - check out the video below!

Quality & handling

Having Air Cushion finish and made by USPCC this deck provides standard high quality manufacture standard.


  • two gaff cards: double back card and blank card
  • two identical skull Jokers with pips that are nicely incorporated inside


Nice deck of cards. I like the theme, back design and fack that they included two most used gaff cards.

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