Executive deck | Playing cards review!

Minimalist, solid look, but also a bit weird....

This is what comes into my mind when looking at this deck.

But I know one thing for sure - this deck is quite unusual.


They say this deck is meant to be for gentleman.

One one hand we have simple box, on the other hand we have quite intricate design of face cards.

Tuck case

Simple dark box with "Executive" written in middle center of the deck and nothing else, only big dark "X" symbol that is going around who tuck case together with one white line.

Otherwise there is not much to explore on this box.

Design - front side

This is 100% custom deck so it has customized fonts, face cards, back design, pips... everything!

Although I like the custom design of court cards and find it very interesting and original, I could imagine pips and fonts to be nicer - but this is very subjective and this is just my personal opinion.

Design - back side

Back side is dark, including borders, so you mught see some signs of usage after a while.

But otherwise it fits the overall theme of this deck very nicely - the center even somehow matches with design of face cards!

Quality & handling

This deck was made by USPCC so it provides standard high manufacture quality and nice handling but bear in mind that due to a lot of ink used on reverse, this deck might clump a bit faster then other decks of playing cards.


  • Jokers are identical - horse in suit :)
  • We receive also double back card for magic tricks


Nice addition into my collection.

If you like the unusual design and if you don't plan to use it woo much, then I can recommend it to you as well.

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