Favole deck - Rich in illustration

Word "Favole" comes from Italian language and can be translated as "Fairy tales."

Its 100% custom designed deck with unique illustration on each card.

All illustrations were created by Victoria Frances who created illustrations also to many fantasy books.

If you like world of fantasy, then don't miss to check out this deck!


I'd say that the theme of this deck can be described as gothic, dark, fantasy or mysterious.

Tuck case

The deck itself is rich in illustrations which can be seen right away from tuck case itself.

From the front we see dominant illustration of sad female clown (?) having a rose in her bleeding mouth.

From sides there is written only Favole without any additional information but with another small illustrations.

There is no more information on the box, apart from manufacture details on the bottom but the finish that is used on this cards should be standard Air cushion finish.

The box itself is designed very nicely and gives the cards more "artistic" feel.

Design - front side

It would take a lot of lines of text to describe every single card in this deck.

Every card is very unigue with its own detailed illustration from Victoria Frances.

Here I will refer you to video below to see all the cards.

Design - back side

Back design is very simple.

It is one way design (as well as from cards) with Favole word in the centre and foggy forrest in backgroud.

Interesting is fan looks different when fanning from left to right / right to left / from opposite side.

Quality & handling

This deck is manufactured by USPCC so we can rely on its standard Bicycle quality.

Air Cushion finish works well and manipulation is very smooth.

Summary and rating

Very nice, 100% custom deck of cards.

I would not recommend this deck for card tricks as the design is too different from standard look that is known to spectators.

I'm however very hapy to have this deck in collection so if you're also playing cards collector or if you like the gothic theme, this may be good choice for you as well.

Score: 82%

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