How I stared with magic and YouTube?

In this short article I will share my story with you.

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So... how did I started with magic and YouTube?


How it started

I had completely different hobbies then magic and I used YouTube mainly just for listening of music - I did not even know that it is possible to be subscribed to any YouTube channel and I did not know what it means to be subscribed.

My main hobbies that I enjoyed at that time was a gym and trips to nature with my wife.

Then I had to spend few weeks in hospital due to surgery - it wasn't anything major but still I had to spend some time in bed and then I could not do almost any physical activity for at least 6 months.

Suddenly, I had plenty of free time and I had two options how to spend it - laying in bed, watching TV, or I could start doing something else - something not physically challenging.

I was always sort of person who liked to prepare pranks and fooling friend so in the end, I thought that I will try to learn few basic magic card tricks to have fun with my friends.

I went to my local corner store and bought my first cards - in my country its basically not possible to buy Bicycle cards in store - they must be ordered over the internet - so my first cards were really terrible.

Despite of that, it was possible to make a lot of tricks with them so I started learning and went deeper and deeper.

Then I realized that there is not so much learning sources online in my local language so I grabbed my camera I had at home and started shooting.

Suddenly, I received a mail that somebody subscribed to my channel... I did not have a clue what it means so I started to learn about YouTube as well and by the time I discovered that YouTube is quite interesting world :)

So I kept learning and shooting and number of subscribers on my YouTube channel in my local language was increasing - after 2 and half year I have now almost 20.000 subscribers and I decided to try it in English as well.

I have to say that on the beginning it was not easy decision - there are lots of YouTubers shooting in English and with high number of subscribers on my local channel it would actually make sense to focus only on my local fans.

In the end I decided to give it a try and split the efforts between two YouTube channels.

I set up this website so that potential new fans could find me also thru Google and although number of subscribers is not so high at the moment, I was always a dreamer and I will make my best for my dream to become true.

I also know that no success comes without hard work and I believe that consistent work will be at the end noticed.

Although I go to gym on regular basis again, card tricks, magic and YouTube are currently my biggest hobbies and I enjoy it a lot.

You can of course join me and my journey and subscribe to my channel! :))

If you have your own story that you would like to publish here, mail it to me to - you can include link to your YouTube channel as well so that its more visible to the world :)