Karnival Death Heads | Open at your own risk!

Karnival Death Heads Armour edition is custom deck of plastic playing cards.

Unlike other plastic decks, this one is trying to be at least somehow custom and not so boring as majority of plastic decks are.

But be carefull - this deck should be opened only at your own risk!


Skulls, bones, death heads.... do I have to say more? ;)

Tuck case

Tuck case fits the theme perfectly - skull, bones, blood stains - all of that can be found on the front side! ;)

Other parts of the box are not that interesting but we can notice that this cards were made by Fournier in Spain and that there is a card reveal of "e1ght d1am0nD5" on the bottom.

Design - front side

From the fron it is mostly standard plastic Fournier deck of plastic playing cards - huge Jumbo pips and standard faces.

Only cards that were really customized are Ace of Spades and Jokers.

Design - back side

Back design is where you will distinguish this cards on a first sight from other plastic playing cards.

It is mirrored image of a skull with crossed bones underneath it, surronded by kind of flower / abstracs black and white theme.

Quality & handling

It is 100% poker cards so we can't expect same handling as we are used to from playing cards used in magic (mainly USPCC decks) - fanning is not so smooth, its a bit cumbersome... but it will last you for ages!

So - I would not reccoment this cards to you if you want to do magic.

But if you want to play poker games or if you want cards that will survive almost anything the you should go for plastic deck of cards.


Its good that they tried to create at least a bit custom deck of playing cards that would stend out from crowd of boring poker decks.

This deck handles better then other plastic decks I have in my collection but its still not good enough for magic.

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