Karnival renegades | Playing cards review

Karnival Renegades is original deck of playing cards.

It features interesting design and although I'm not that big fan of "skull design," I liked this deck pretty much.

You should definitely check this playing cards as well!


Main theme of this deck is explosive bombs and dangerous skeleton suint and hat

Tuck case

White / Blue color combination is always eye pleasing.

On the top we have classic Bicycle logo, this time in blue, with skeleton underneath it.

Skeleton is wearing suit and looks really dangerous! ;)

Design - front side

Front side is standard, apart from customized ace of spades that shows exploded spade symbol and same skeleton we have seen on the case.

Design - back side

Back design is customized, showing mirrored skeleton in hat and suit.

Quality & handling

This deck was made by USPCC and with Air cushion finish this deck provides standard high quality manufacture standard.


  • Jokers are not identical - one of that is having reveal of 4 of Spades in his hat
  • There is also double back card included
  • Advertisement card can be used as reveal of 6 of Clubs


Interesting deck of playing cards.

If you like the desing and the them, it will be good choice for you, also if you're into magic due to double back card and reveals in the deck.

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