I think this deck is mailny inspired by Orient, so by Chinese / Japanese culture any symbols.

It's evident also from tuckcase where we can find several Chinese symbol together with typical dragon.

Tuck case

As mentioned already, we can find typical Chinese dragon in the center together with Spade symbol and some Chinese symbols.

Back of the case show just back design of actual cards inside.

Design - front side

Only custom card is Ace of Spades, rest of the deck is completely standard, only with a bit changed colors of face cards.

Design - back side

Whire - orange color combination is effective and again we can notice inspiration by Orient design since we see mirrored Chinese dragon.

Quality & handling

Made by USPCC this should be good quality deck but unfortunately for some reason this playing cards clump faster then others so this deck is not good from this perspective.


  • we receive blank card for magic tricks
  • there is reveal on advertisement card
  • Jokers are identical


Interesting design but cards are unfortunately very clumpy so I can't recommend them to you.


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