Kings playing cards - Black edition

Black edition of Kings playing cards came out after great success of Gold Kings.

If you have seen my review of original Gold Kings, you know that I didn't like that deck too much.

Is this any better?


Theme is identical to Gold Kings - crossed axe and sword - weapons of kings :)

Tuck case

Very simplistic - all black with silver logo on the front.

We can see again "LIVE LIKE KINGS" and "THINK LIKE KINGS" on both sides of the case, together with some corporate information on bottom and Madison and McKinnon together with crossed weapons on top.

I like this case much better then in Gold Kings and I also think its more attractive and elegant then case of Blood Kings deck.

Design - front side

Same old story - design is same as in previous version of this deck

Design - back side

Design of previous version was honestly too busy for me although I know it had its reason - deck was marked.

I like this much better, its more elegant.

It is all black design with withe borders with white crossed weapons on top and bottom.

Quality & handling

No surprises here - high USPCC quality :)


  • Double backer included
  • Two Jokers - one with sword, second with axe


For me this is much better deck the original Gold.

More elegant and more exclusive feel.

There are still however much better decks out there in my opinion.

Score: 78%

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