Kings playing cards - Blood edition

Third and probably last variation of Kings playing cards.

After Gold and Black edition we are finally having Red (Blood) edition in our hands.

You maybe know that I was not so super excided about first Gold version and that I liked the Black edition much better.

What about this bloody red version? Is it even better than black one?


Theme is again not surprisingly the same - crossed sword and axe.

Tuck case

Again very minimal, all dark red with crossed gold sword and axe and "BLOOD KINGS" written underneath it.

From one side there is written "LIVE LIKE KINKS" and from the other side there is "DIE LIKE KINGS" so this is a bit different from other decks where we could see "THINK LIKE KINGS" instead.

On the top we can see names of creators of this deck - Madison and McKinnon, together with crossed weapons in the middle.

Design - front side

What should I describe here - it is identical to other decks from this series.

Design - back side

Dark red color with white borders and crossed white weapons.

In my opinion better then Gold edition but not as good as Black version.

Quality & handling

USPCC standard high quality of handling and feel.


Deck contains duplicate card and double back card.


For me, this is better the original edition but not as good as black edition so rating will be somewhere in between this two decks.

Score: 74%

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