Kings playing cards - Gold edition

This deck is result of collaboration of two famous minds - Peter McKinnon and Daniel Madison.

It is having also some "hidden" features that might be interesting for some of you.

As I heard, this deck was sold out very quickly when first came out - is it really that good or is it just a hype?


Main theme of this deck is crossed axe and sword.

This theme is repeated thru this deck on box and on actual playing cards as well.

Tuck case

Box is very simple - gold, shiny and should remind us gold brick.

Writings are almost not visible but on one side we can see written "LIVE LIKE KINGS" and "THINK LIKE KINGS" on the other side.

Design - front side

Unfortunately almost completely standard, only some face cards were changed to display faces of Madison and McKinnon and some of their relatives or close friends.

Colors were a bit modified compared to standard deck of Bicycle playing cards.

Design - back side

On back side we can see repeating symbol of crossed axe and sword in 4 lines and 6 columns.

It has its reason - this deck is marked.

To receive explanation to marking system, you need to contact Ellusionist support.

Quality & handling

Made by USPCC the deck provides standard high level of manufacture quality and handling.


  • Deck contains special gaff card for trick called Angle Z. I wrote to Ellusionist support to receive instruction how to use it but they refused to send it to me with justification that this is available to US customers only
  • Jokers are not identical - one of them is displaying big sword, second is having big axe
  • This is marked deck so you will be able to recognize each card from behind


There was big hype related to this deck and I quite don't understand why.

The deck is not any special, Ace of spades is custom but I have seen same kind Ace design in another decks as well.

Jokers are totally boring and back design is not attractive to me either.

I will not give this deck great or high rating only because it was made by somebody with well known name.

Score: 67%

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