Madison Dealers - Dealers dream?

Madison dealers is interesting deck of cards for all gamblers out there.

It contains carefully hidden marking system that is - in my opinion - very difficult to spot.

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Clean, minimal design with luxury feeling.

Important part of this deck is that its a marked deck.

Tuck case

Very minimal and elegant.

On the front, there is only name of the deck - Madison Dealers, Luxury playing cards beneath it and logo in bottom of the case.

There is also actual cards back design printed on the back of the box.

Design - front side

Faces of royalty playing cards were modified a little bit compared to standard cards. Red Kings shows faces of Daniel and Madison, other face cards shows their family members and friends.

Number cards are completely standard.

Design - back side

No borders and carefully hidden marking system.

Quality & handling

Made by USPCC this deck provides high manufacture standard = handles great :)


We receive one gaff - double back card.

There are two card reveals - one is on King of diamonds, second reveal is on one of the Jokers.

Marking system explanation can be found on Ellusionist website - here.


Nice deck of mostly standard playing cards.

Some of you might use marking system for your magic tricks (hopefully not for gambling :))

I would like to see more originality, at least on Ace of Spades.

Score: 74% 

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