Nomad deck - Luxury & Elegance

This deck was designed in collaboration with Nomad hotel in New York.

Deck was even inspired by architecture of this hotel :)

What is the final result of this collaboration?


Playing cards were inspired by Nomad hotel in New York and even uses some architectural elements from the actual building for inspiration.

Tuck case

Highly embossed, with lots of details a gold foil.

Theory11 makes gorgeous tuck cases and this in not exception.

Normally I would try at least a bit to describe what is going on but you simply must see it :)

One little "feature" is that the box is opening on opposite side then you would normally expect :)

We can't forget that there is also custom seal.

Design - front side

Front side is rather standard with normal design, custom Jokers and custom Ace of Spades.

Cards should look like they are old so background is not completely white

Design - back side

I really like back design of this deck and I believe this is where the deck was mainly inspired by architecture of the hotel.

It is very decent, elegant, intricate and it just feels great.

Quality & handling

Made by USPCC this deck provides very high manufacture standard and handles great.


There are no gaffs in this deck.

Instead we receive two advertisement cards.

I would like to see something more usefull instead.


Simply great deck of cards. Theory11 again proves that they make great thought-out decks.

Nice piece in my collection!

Score: 93%

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