Origins playing cards

Origins playing cards is very interesting deck of cards that was made possible by Kickstarter campaign.

I backed this deck as well so we can now look at it in more details.

Are you ready to go back in time?


Creator of this deck went "back in time," did his research and found out how playing cards were designed centuries back.

This research was used to make this deck of cards.

Tuck case

One of my best looking cases in my entire collection.

Looks very elegant on the table, very decent and good color combination with gold embossing.

Big thumbs up for this case!

Design - front side

As mentioned, front side should reflect how playing cards from the past.

It is not so different from what we use now, but there are still custom face cards, pips and fonts.

Design - back side

Very detailed, nice color combination.

A lot of ornaments, swords, flowers... better to check the video below :)

Quality & handling

Made by USPCC we can rely on best handling possible.


We receive one very special gaff card - half Queen and half King.

I don't have such gaff card in any other deck in my collection so I must find some use for it :)

Summary and rating

Very nice deck of cards! Great tuck case, original, decent custom design.

Only thing I did not like that much was design of Joker but thats not changing much on overall rating of this playing cards.

Score: 83%

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