Red Verve deck - Red elegance?

Red Verve deck was produced by The Blue Crown.

Its pretty nice deck of playing cards, but there were also some aspects that I just didn't like.

Lets look at more details right now!


Verve is defined as having vigor, spirit, or enthusiasm.

Creators focused on ellegance and simplicity.

Tuck case

My first impression from the box was that it looks like some luxurious cigarette box - which is probably not what designers wanted.

Anyway, box is pretty simple, with printed "3D dots" which gives it additional "3D" feel.

Design - front side

Front side keeps it simple too.

I like the customization of face cards with no borders.

What I just hate is the Jokers - dost not look like Jokers at all and I don't understand the reason behind this design.

Design - back side

Back design is simple as well and is not bad at all.

Again, element of 3D printing was added which is pretty nice.

Quality & handling

Standard manufacture quality provided by USPCC but I think standard Bicycle cards handles better and there was also noticeable smell after opening the box that was stronger then in case of normal Bicycle cards.


We receive one gaff - blank playing card.

Summary and rating

Not bad deck but there were some downsides as well that I described above.

Rating is therefore not as good as somebody might expect.

Score: 71%

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