Star Wars Heroes and Villains

Star Wars universe is full of characters.

Some of them are good, some of them are bad - or even Evil.

I'm great fan of Star Wars so I couldn't miss having this deck of playing cards in my collection :)

Favorite Star Wars heroes and Villains in two nice pack of cards - lest look at it closely!

Normally when I do deck review, I comment what I see in the video (below the article).

This time I decided to speech less and let you fully enjoy all images that this deck contains.


Theme is very clear in this case - Star Wars Heroes and Villains.

Deck contains photos of characters from original Star Wars trilogy and from prequel movies.

Tuck cases

We have two boxes - one is bright with Luke Skywalker on the front, and second is dark, with Dart Vader.

Can you guess which case represents Light Side of the force?

Design - front side

Each card is different so please see the video below to see each individual one.

Design - back side

One way back design in two color variations - bright for Light side and dark of Dark side of the Force.

Quality & handling

This cards were not made for magic so it can't compete with cards made by USPCC.

These are fan made decks so quality is not on first place.

If you're not into magic and if you don't need high quality cards, it will be OK for you.

Summary and rating

Nice decks of cards for everybody who loves Star Wars.

Quality is not on great level but quality is not that important as this deck was not made for magicians or card flourishers.

Score: 75%

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