Timeless playing cards review

Timeless playing cards is without any doubts interesting deck of cards.

It has nice, original theme and it contains some extra cards that you would normally not find in standard deck.

Although this deck is quite old and its not easy to get it, you should definitely check at least its review.


This deck is clearly inspired by time.

Its evident not only from its name but also from tuck case and playing cards as well.

Tuck case

There is nice historical watch in the center of the case and from the back side we can see back design of actual cards inside.

Nice detail is that design continues also after opening the flap.

Design - front side

This cards are 100% custom.

I really love the face cards - they're having really nice and classy historical design with gentlemans and noble ladies.

There is also clock face of each face card.

Pips and fonts were changed on all cards, including numbers cards and I think its very clean and smooth and its fits this deck perfectly.

Design - back side

Wow, this is full of details!

Inspired by time again it displays clock face in two corners and together with cogwheels near the center.

Everything is somehow connected with abstract lines.

Quality & handling

This is USPCC deck that provides you standard high quality of manufacture and fine handling.


  • There is only one Joker in the deck
  • There are in total five Kings and five Jacks


Really original custom deck of cards that is put together very vell.

I liked it a lot - what about you?

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