Vaudaville deck | Playing cards review

Do you like cabaret era?

If yes, you will definitely like this deck.

You will find here everything that is part of this era - red curtains, artists, and much more!


Theme is pretty clear - old cabaret era.

Deck is full of curtains, artists, artefacts and references to this form of entertainment that started to be popular in 16th Century.

Tuck case

Box is pretty interesting, some parts of it are embossed so you can feel it when you touch it.

There is customized Spade symbol in the center together with "Vaudaville" written on the top and open curtains on sides.

Design - front side

Vintage feel color combination together with custom pips, fonts and face cards makes this deck interesting.

Each face card shows different cabaret artist.

Design - back side

Red curtains on the sides with crystal ball in the center and two hands arround it.

I would say it fits the theme very well and that it has a good vintage feel - same as front side has.

Quality & handling

Pretty OK, I would say there is a lot of ink on this deck so it is a bit clumpy but still good.


  • gaff card - double back card with reveal on crystal ball in the center


Interesting theme and nicely done deck of plying cards.

If you like vintage cards, these are worth checking.

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