Visit of Magic theatre

Have you ever been in any magic theathre?

Well, I didn't until November 2015 when I visited Magic theatre of Pavel Kožíšek.

Well, you probably don't know who Pavel Kožíšek is but he is our most famous magician in Czech republic and he has nice small magic theatre near Prague (capital city of Czech republic).

Let me share today how was the visit and how I enjoyed it.

As mentioned, Pavel Kozisek is the most famous magician in Czech republic - everybody in our country know his name and if you would stop any stranger on the street, he would be most probably not able to name any other magicial then him.

He builded his theather just few kilometers from Prague and it is easily accessible by public transport and by car as well.

I didn't see any photos of the building in advance so I was a bit worried if we will be able to find it without problems...

Soon I discovered that my worries had no reason since this theatre is just not possible to miss or overlook due to its very bold painting, as you can see on photo below:

I've heard Pavel Kozisek in one of his TV interviews saying that he has the theathre full each and everytime and this time it was no exception - no space was left... thats how popular he is in our small country :)

Performance itself was magical, entertaining and fun as well - unfortunatelly I can't show you any photos since it was forbiden to take any pictures during the show... but I can at least show you photo of curtain :)

Majority of the magic used in performance was classic stage magic, combined with one-to-one tricks with volunteers.

Although I have seen some performances in TV before, it was of course different to see it live and there was also a lot of tricks I've never seen and I have no clue how they are done :)

I can't of course share to much about concrete tricks.... but magic, entertainment, dance crew and beautiful assistants - nothing was missing in this show! ;)

I enjoyed it a lot - tt was very unusual show and I'm happy I've seen it live :)

Did you ever visit any magic theatre? Where it was and how did you like it?

Feel free to comment below!