Advanced card tricks

Hello everyone! I'm Nathan, and in this channel you will be able to learn card tricks of any skill level!

My interest in card magic didn't begin until 2015, and over the last year I have learned countless card tricks from various YouTube channels!

It doesn't matter if you aren't experienced at all, or if you are an expert magician! All that matters is I want to teach my knowledge to the world!

Learn advanced - hard card tricks

Advanced card tricks are perfect for you if you already know all the basic - if you mastered card sleights like double lift or Elmsley count, if you know how to control the cards, how to false shuffle the deck, if you know how to misdirect the audience and if you know how to manage the spectators.

These tricks will definitely require practice before you perform them in front of real audience but tutorial videos below are made with attention to details and are all easy to understand and follow.