2014 and 2015: Low and High

2014 was filled with a good chunk of lows, and ultimately got its comeuppance from 2015. 2015 replaced 2013 as the greatest year of my life, to date. Age 24-25. I stayed in a healthy, loving, and fulfilling relationship with my still girlfriend, Martha Kifle. We both got to go to the Bahamas for me to give my Rise Above Speech.

I successfully made a Disturb Reality deck of playing cards. I met, worked, and worked out with Tony Horton of P90X, a long-time goal of mine. As well as losing 30 pounds from an extreme workout program.

On top of all that, Facebook blew up for me and more doors of opportunity opened for me in the world of wrestling than ever before. 2016 is promising and it's going to be very challenging to top the last two years.