2016: Blood & Tears

2016 was one of the most fulfilling years of my life, and also one of the most negatively mind-changing years.

They say that you have a completely different mindset from 21 to 27, and I'm approaching 27 in summer '17. Martha and I broke up in September, tho we still talk and even FaceTime relatively often. She lives in Atlanta, now – me still in Marina del Rey. Blood and Tears is an accurate description both universally and personally for 2016. I got an opportunity to wrestle on WWE RAW, and SmackDown in a dark match the following day! I designed and successfully executed a 4-month televised wrestling storyline that hopefully displayed my passion and creativity for pro wrestling, going into 2017.

I gave my mother the "greatest surprise of her life," when I showed up to our doorstep in Michigan on Christmas day, and sent my mom and dad to Texas for the Cottonbowl, where their respective college football teams were competing against each other. Finally, worked more with my roommates on trying to get Cali4ya off the ground. It was a chill year for the Disturb Reality brand, mostly in-part due to my mind shifting negatively because I'm getting older and feeling the pressures of making things happen now.

I'll be working more on Disturb Reality this year, as well as giving up a lot of bad habits in order to get back to the grind of building a reputation in order to get more on the radar of my wrestling pursuits. Thanks for following me on the journey, I promise more in 2017.