2017: Sell Your Soul

2017 was the most mind-opening/horizon broadening/paradigm shifting year I've ever had.

I'm older now and look at a lot of thinks from a different perspective and it has allowed me to understand things better, while also giving me the gift of sympathy and empathy to others for various reasons and situations. This was the first year where I had footage from every single month with mental preparation of this video's story and feel – while already knowing the title and song I was going to choose back in the beginning of January.

I went on a 60-day road trip with my friend, Damien Smith. We traveled to train and wrestle at the most notable wrestling schools around the country. I met a lot of people along the way through Houston, Orlando, Atlanta, Connecticut, Philadelphia, and met my girlfriend, Katlin, in Michigan at the end of the trip. We fell in love and she's living with me in California now.

I have been wrestling for EVOLVE Wrestling the last few months and will be at every show, here on out. I wanted this video to show you all, that magic is a PART of my life, it's not my life. It used to be my life, and it drove me crazy.

This video hopefully shows you that I have been enjoying life and still actively pursuing my childhood dreams of making it to the WWE.