This one is sooo easy! ;)

It is impromptu and completely self working - you just need to follow few simple steps and you will always succeed! ;)

This trick is meant to be for true beginners... there is some spelling involved in this trick but you can easily adjust that for your own language ;)


Step by step

  1. Turn your back and ask spectator to shuffle the deck and choose any 12 playing cards
  2. Ask him then to think of any number from 1 to 6, remove this amount of cards from the top of the deck and place them aside
  3. The ask him to check what is the card on the position he is thinking of and remember it (if not clear, please see the video)
  4. Turn back to spectator - at this point you don't know anything about his card or his number but if you'll take the pile and spell "ABRAKADABRA" or any other 11 letters words, taking one card for each word and placing it on the bottom, spectators card will always end up on the top of the pile