Acrobatic aces | Great card trick revealed!

This card trick is really effective and visual.

Although its not so difficult to do, it requires a little set up and some little sleight of hand as well.

I'm sure that this will not prevent you from learning this trick and with a little practice you will be able to amaze your audience once again!

Step by step

  1. Start with four Aces on top - if you'll be shuffling the deck, make sure that this cards stays on its position
  2. Ask spectator to choose four cards and leave them on the table for this moment - I think the safest way is to dribble the cards as I do in the video so you can prevent that he selects one of the Aces we prepared on top
  3. Show the deck to spectator - spread it in front of him - you can say for example that he could select and cards from the packet as excuse
  4. When closing the deck, hold secret pinkie break under four top cards (= under Aces)
  5. Take cards selected by spectator from the table, turn them over and place them on the top of the deck (still keep pinkie break)
  6. Take all cards above pinkie break (= four Aces + spectators selections), lift them up and show to spectator which cards he selected - take cards one by one and turn them over to top of the pack (refer to video below for more details) - this way you will show him all cards; when you will reach the last card, be careful to not flash rest of the cards you have under it
  7. Place rest of the cards you have in your hand on the top of the deck
  8. Now take the top card in your hand and place next three cards from the top of on the table - do it in a bit messy way so you have good excuse to square them up and misdirect the audience
  9. Make a pinkie break under top card - just push of first card a bit and insert your pinkie under it
  10. Place the card you hold in your hand on top of the deck (still holding pinkie break) and square cards on the table
  11. Take cards above pinkie break and slide them under cards you have on the table
  12. Now its time to reveal four Aces - build moment of surprise... and then turn all cards over, quickly placing cards in your hand on the top of the packet so that last Ace appears again (place it on the table as well)