Almighty Joker - amazing card trick revealed

Joker is very special and very powerful card - its almost almighty!

In this trick we will see what this card can do...

... and we will learn it as well!

Although it uses a gimmick, I think its worth it since you can do also card to impossible location type of trick with this principle.



This trick is really easy to do but it will require you to create a gimmick card.

You will basically cut one duplicate card in the shape you can see in the video tutorial and glue it to another card.

I know secrefying cards for thick is something not everybody can do, but final effect is for sure worth it.

Step by Step

  1. Create your gimmick card
  2. Place your selected card into card box
  3. Place gimmick card into the deck - not far from the top so you can locate it fairly quickly
  4. Find the card and place it on the table
  5. Let spectator to shuffle the deck
  6. Spread the cards in a way that they will not see them and move the Joker over the deck until they say stop (be careful and don't flash your gimmick card)
  7. Once they say stop, insert the card into the deck so that it will look like that selected card is your card that you prepared
  8. Put the cards together, turn over the deck, find the Joker and place it on the table
  9. Spectator can shuffle again
  10. Now go thru cards one by once and ask spectator to say stop once he see his card
  11. The card is of course not in the deck so they will not say stop
  12. Reveal that card was transported into the card box