This trick requires little preparation - take piece of double sided tape and stick it to card of your choice.

I recommend that selected card should be a face card becuse there is a lot of texture of it and when you place the tape in the center of the card, it will be almost not possible to see it.

If you want this trick to be really bulletproof, prepare also its duplicate card (but you can use only similar cards like Q♥ and Q♦).

Remember that selected card with double sided tape must have different back color then rest of the deck if you want to achieve the effect.

Step by Step

  1. Take a full deck of cards of one color and place your gimmick card from another deck on top (to make this effect bulletproof place also duplicate or at least similar card on 2nd position)
  2. Spread the cards in front of spectator and ask him to select any card
  3. Place his selection on the top of the deck and apply pressure on it - this will cause that cards sticks together
  4. Trick is now done - just reveal the result