Best EASY ESP Experiment Tutorial

If you like ESP experiments, you'll definitely like this one as well!

Its very easy to do so you can learn it within only few minutes and also very very effective!



  • ESP deck is shuffled by mentalist and can be cut by spectator as many times he wants
  • Mentalist then deals five piles - four cards in each pile - from left to right, and place the last row of cards in front of it
  • He asks spectator to concentrate and choose one card from each pile
  • This procedure is repeated with all piles and selected cards are placed next to cards in last row
  • Mentalist then reveals cards that were on the table and shows that spectator was able to find matching cards!


  1. Set up ESP deck in standard rotational order
  2. Shuffle the deck and maintain the order - use Charlier shuffle
  3. You can also ask spectator to cut the deck as many times as he wants
  4. Rest is self working - create five piles - four cards in each pile - and deal last row in front of it (please see video below)
  5. Take each pile (you can also shuffle it for the effect) and ask spectator to select one card - place selected card on the table next to corresponding card that is in the last row
  6. Reveal that spectator found matches of each card!