Best spinner trick tutorial!

Spinner is very popular "toy" of todays young generation.

If you have one at home, you're maybe wondering what tricks you can do with it.

Tutorial below will teach you very cool trick with spinner and deck of cards ;)



  • Magician shuffles the deck, lets the spectator choose a card and then spins the spinner.
  • He places spectators card on top of the spinner and deals cards below selected card around the spinner
  • Once spinner stops, it will point to mates of card that was selected by spectator!


This trick requires setup - prepare 4x4 same cards - for example four Aces of Spades, fours Aces of Hearts, four Aces of Clubs and four Aces of Diamonds.

Place this setup on top of the deck.


  1. False cut the deck so your setup remains on top
  2. Force top card to spectator - you can use any force you wish, just keep in mind that cards below forced card needs to end up on top - one example of the force you can use is shown in video below
  3. Spin the spinner and place spectators card on top of it
  4. Deal cards from top of the deck around the spinner - be careful to deal all cards you prepared
  5. Once spinner stops, reveal spectators selection and that spinner stopped at its mates!