Bicycle zombie | Playing cards review

Imagine that there is zombie apocalypse - what will you do?

Bicycle Zombie is fun deck of cards - it contains original ilustrations and tips how to survive zombie apocalypse.

I really think this deck will be very usefull once zombies wakes up from their long sleep ;)


Well, that's easy to tell - zombies and zombie apocalypse :)

Tuck case

Tuck case is quite eye catching with zombie in the center.

Back side of the tuck case shows how actual cards inside looks.

One one side it says "Do you want to survive?" and opposite side says that cards are having "Scare cushion finish" :)

Design - front side

Each card was completely designed just for this deck so we can find custom pips, court cards and aces as well.

On all court cards and Aces there are Zombies and each card contains one tip how to survive zombie apocalypse.

Design - back side

Again funny theme of zombie king that looks like he is is trying to come out form the card and eat us! ;)

Quality & handling

Well, this deck was produced by USPCC and I would say this deck handles as well as any other standard USPCC deck of cards.


I wouldn't recommend this for magic but due to funny and original design its a great deck for any collection.

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